September 12, 2006

Things that Brightened a Rainy Day

No, I haven't run out of things to post. This is the second time I have posted a picture of a rain chain (see April). This one, however, is a close-up and the chain actually has rain splattering down it. It was a nice view from the window of Denny's, a family restaurant.

Before going into the restaurant, we passed through two sets of doors. Both were plastered with signs congratulating the birth of the new prince. It made us smile.

Before going to Denny's, we went to the hospital. This picture was taken at the hospital's parking garage. At the exit, there was a bin of umbrellas for visitors or patients. We used two of them to walk to the main building. Another bin was at the entrance for us to leave the umbrellas. The name of the hospital was written on each umbrella in bright purple marker. It was a nice service.

This is a close-up of the umbrellas.

This person was well-prepared for the rain today. It would be nice to go out to a dry bicycle, wouldn't it?

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