December 03, 2006

Christmas Decorations at Avex Building, Aoyama Tokyo

This is a view of the huge Christmas tree outside the Avex Building in Aoyama, Tokyo. Avex is a music company. Tony Roma's is in a building next to this one. There are stairs that go down to the restaurant on the left. I took this picture from the car as we passed to go park the car.

Avex actually provided "the best photo spot." So if you wanted a picture of yourself with the tree behind you, you would stand here. Your friend or parent would then snap the photo.

This is a shot from that spot. I stood on the spot and took this picture. (This was confusing to some people.) I took this picture after we had eaten, so it was dark. There were stars and bells in the windows.

This was at the foot of the tree. This big black box shone different colors of light onto the tree.

When we came up the stairs from the restaurant, we saw many people with these Santa pigs in front of their faces. They looked like they were wearing masks. They were all looking toward the tree. It was funny. A man handed us some of these "glasses". He told us to look through them at the tree and the lights. We saw many stars! I guess they are like 3-D glasses. For every light there was at least two stars that popped out. It even worked when looking at the moon! We had fun looking at lights on the way home in the car. Of course, Papa didn't. He was driving. But he enjoyed all of our ooo's and ahs.

This is a picture of the front and back of the "glasses".

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