December 08, 2006

Fifth Grade Music Concert

I couldn't take pictures inside so I took this one. The fifth grade classes at Little Brother's school and six other schools performed here today. The concert started with all the classes sitting in the audience section. A music teacher went on stage and led them in the song "The Happy Wanderer" in Japanese. They did a very good job. I sang that song when I was in elementary school several decades ago.

Then each class went on stage. They sang a song and then played a song on instruments. Little Brother's class played a song from the opera "Carmen". Each class did an amazing job. I was surprised because Little Brother said they only started practicing at the end of November. (They have had music class twice a week every year in elementary school.)

I couldn't take pictures of the stage, but there were several keyboards, xylophones (sometimes up to 6), a set of drums, bongos, other drums, and a grand piano. Some students played recorders, accordions or their pianicas (click on the label "school" below or do a search of this site for a picture.) Little Brother played two sticks.

This is the front of the program. Only one family member could go to this concert. One ticket per family was given. It had to be presented at the door. No videotapes or photos could be taken. On Monday, each school had a performance at its own school for families to attend.

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