December 08, 2006

Persimmons, Kumquats & Oranges?

The persimmons are ripe enough for the birds now. This gardener did not gather the fruit. There was quite a bit on the sidewalk, too.

This little bird looked at me for a long time. He was waiting for me to go away, I think. I didn't go away and he flew away to join all the other birds. They had flown away earlier.

I waited for a while and these sparrows gathered on the roof next door. The other birds flew away. A hawk almost got one of those green birds so they all took off. Yes, there was actually a hawk in Tokyo!!

I saw these kumquats on the way home. We have a small potted kumquat tree in our garden. The caterpillars ate most of it after they devoured the yuzu tree. Search this blog under "yuzu" for that story. (Actually, I carried the caterpillars to the kumquat tree because they were starving.) These kumquats look big because I was using the zoom lens, and I was too close to them. They were actually the size of a seedless green grape.

I also saw these orange trees on the way home. On second thought, are these Chinese grapefruits?

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