December 20, 2006

School Payment Envelop

Little Brother brought his money envelop home. We had to pay for the recent school trip. They went to a newspaper company and to a museum last week. I think this is interesting.

At the beginning of the school year we had to punch a hole in the corner of the envelop. Then we threaded a rubber band with a paper clip on it through the hole. The clip secures the envelop so the money doesn't fall out on its way to school.

The month and date are put in the small box on the left that has a slash. Then a description is written in the next box. Then the amount. When the teacher receives the envelop and money, she uses her name stamp to stamp the last box on the right. She keeps record of the students' payments in her record book. She keeps the envelops. She sends them home a few days before a payment is due.

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