December 15, 2006

Obentou for a School Outing

Today Little Brother went on a school outing. He needed to take an obentou or boxed lunch. This morning, I made him onigiri or rice balls for his lunch box. I also put small weiners, smoked cheese, slices of mikan and a tomato in the obentou box. Two of the onigiri had yukari or flakes of dried shiso in them. One was just plain rice. I forgot to put in nori or slices of seaweed for him to wrap the onigiri. I'll take pictures of obentou that are more typical.

We got this lunch box at 31 (Baskin Robbins) as a gift. It stacks together. Click on the label below to see more pictures.

(When writing the word obentou in romaji, a "u" is used. It makes the "o" long.)

Kids Web Japan--lunch boxes

Setsuko Watanabe's site

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