December 18, 2006

Hachiko at Christmas

This is the famous statue of Hachiko outside Shibuya station in Tokyo. You may have read an article or book about him. There is a picture book in English named Hachiko. Pamela S. Turner wrote it. There is also a book for older readers by Leslea Newman called Hachiko Waits. I have not read them yet. It is difficult to find English books here. I read about the authors. They both did a lot of research about Hachiko, so I am sure they are good books.

This is the name plate on the statue. It says "Loyal Dog, Hachiko". "Chuu ken Hachiko". Hachiko waited at this station for his master every day even after his master had died.

Today there were red carnations on Hachiko's statue.

This is a utility cover on the ground. It is to the right of the statue. There is probably a water or gas pipe here. It is too small to be a manhole cover.

There are many cherry (sakura) blossom designs on the ground around the plaza where the statue stands.

These Christmas trees were to the left of the statue. They are near the intersection.

The entrance and exit was named after Hachiko. Many people come here to see the statue. Many people who meet their friends wait for them near the statue. It is a waiting and meeting place.

The sign is in English, Japanese, and Korean. Note the long mark over the "o" in English. Korean is the script under the English word "Entrance".

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