December 09, 2006

Painting A Japanese House

Before painting a house here, scaffolding is built all around it. Then the scaffolding is wrapped in a sheet of cloth or plastic. The sheet will prevent paint from getting on the neighbors' houses and the street, etc. See how close the houses are? That is the corner of the neighbor's balcony and their cement wall on the right. This house has no garden so its front door is almost on the street.

The shutters were covered in plastic. These are big shutters so there's probably a sliding glass door behind them.

This is the house painter. He said it was okay to take his picture. He didn't pose, though. Note his big-legged pants. Those are typical work clothes, here. He is wearing a white terry cloth towel around his head. That is pretty typical, too. He's holding a paint can as he paints. I took this picture on December 1st when I went to Nogawa Koen to take pictures of the gingko trees. It was a nice cool sunny day. It's now colder. I haven't seen anyone painting houses lately, but winters here are mild so many houses are built during this time.

By the way, he is in front of the front door. It looks like a sliding door.

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