December 03, 2006

Tony Roma's Aoyama, Tokyo

Since we were in the neighborhood yesterday, we decided to go to Tony Roma's.

This is a detail of the light outside the restaurant. We thought it looked cool.

A coaster with the restaurant's slogan. Their food is good.

We washed our hands at the table before and after this meal. This was a nice service. After eating with your hands, you need to wash your hands well. They gave each of us a small metal bowl with water and a slice of lemon floating in it. Also a wet towelette. Do you get the same service at Tony Roma's in America? Wet towelettes are given before a meal in Japan. Nowadays most of them are paper. Some restaurants still have wet cloth towels. In the winter they are hot. In the other seasons they are cool. These wet towels are called oshibori.

This is an American-style restaurant so paper napkins are provided as well. Some Japanese restaurants provide them, too.

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Susan said...

It's been a few years since I ate there, but the last time I ate at one in Minnesota, you did get the wash up bowl with lemon. I agree; it is a nice touch and much needed.