December 02, 2006

Before, During and After Crossing the Street

At the end of the street we ate yaki imo, roasted potatoes.

The man was also selling imo (potato) ice cream, but no one was buying it. It was getting colder as the sun was going down.

When we were eating our yaki imo, I noticed this man. He had climbed this embankment to take a picture.

I also noticed this bird sitting on top of one of the trees.

As people crossed the street, they stopped and took pictures of the building at the other end of the street.

I stopped, too. Here is the picture I took as I crossed the street. See the man way down there almost in the middle of the street? Dangerous!

Unfortunately on the other side of the street, most of the trees were female. Lots of stinky fruit were under foot. No one lingered very long.

Leaves had blown into the middle of the road. This picture was taken in front of the government building.

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