December 15, 2006

Christmas Song Book

Christmas carols are sung in Japan. This is The Christmas Song Book I illustrated by Naomi Kojima. The title is written in katakana. That is the script that is used for foreign words used in Japanese. The title is the same in Japanese and English. The book is bilingual. It has the English version of the songs as well as the Japanese version in hiragana. It also has the music so I guess the book is trilingual!

There are sixteen carols. It includes traditional carols like "Joy to The World", "Silent Night" as well as "Santa Claus is Coming to Town", "Winter Wonderland", etc. Unfortunately, it cannot be found at Amazon Japan. Does take special orders?

Check out this link for " Rudolph" in Japanese. It is written in romaji, the roman alphabet, so you can read it if you don't know how to read kanji or hiragana or katakana. The site has many pictures of decorations in different parts of Japan, too.

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