December 17, 2006

House Roof

I have wanted to take a picture of a new style roof. I saw this big crow sitting on this roof, so I snapped the picture. The bird flew off. It turned out okay, don't you think?

This roof is a good example of the new style. Shingles were used. Do you know what those things sticking up are? They are pieces of metal to hold snow on the roof. Snow slides off the roof anyway.

Here is an example of an old style roof. These tiles look like they are made out of cement. See, there's another part of the roof that is made out of corrugated tin.

See how the tiles fit together?

See the blue part? That is the roof of a new addition to this house. They added a room later and used a new kind of tile. The newer tiles are lightweight. Most new houses now have shingles. I haven't seen any traditional style Japanese houses being built in our neighborhood. I'll add a picture of a house with tiles later.

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