December 05, 2006

Table Heater

Tables with heating units are sold during this season. They are called kotatsu. The most common has the heater attached underneath the top of the table. Baba's heating unit is built into the floor under the table. There is also a hollow space under her table where we can put our feet. That means we don't have to sit on our shins!!!! Our house is about 7 years old. I am glad Baba and Jiji wanted this feature because it is hard to sit Japanese-style for long periods of time! It is really cosy to sit at (or under?) a kotatsu.

As you can see there is a rug with a big space cut out of the middle. There is a blanket that is placed on top of the table frame. The wooden table top is placed on top. The blanket drapes down around the laps of people siting there. In this picture it is pulled up onto the table. Baba was vacuuming when I walked into the room. I'll try to get a picture with someone sitting here.

This is the heating unit.

This is another view of the heating unit.

You can set the temperature with this.

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