December 22, 2006

Yuzu in the Bath

For the winter solstice, yuzu is put in the bath. You just take them out of the mesh bag, wash them, and toss them in. The whole yuzu float around as you take a bath. Yuzu is very fragrant. No squeezing or peeling is necessary.

It is sold at the grocery store in the fruit and vegetable section. I found this net of yuzu and a paper of explanation at our grocery store. It is the first time I have seen a paper like this. It mentions that yuzu was believed to get rid of bad energy. Yuzu is supposed to be good for the skin, too. The paper also mentions eating kobocha on this day, too. We eat it throughout the year, but it is a custom to eat it on the winter solstice. I'll post about kobocha later.

By the way, I put a mikan in the picture to show you the size of the yuzu. They are both smaller than an orange.

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